Dental Sealants

Preventative Dental Care

Dental Sealants in Artesia, CA - Kids Smile Pediatric DentistryThorough brushing and flossing help remove food particles and plaque from smooth surfaces of teeth. But it’s not always easy to clean all the way into pits and grooves of the back teeth. Molars have rough and uneven surfaces. They are favorite places for leftover foods and cavity-causing bacteria to hide. However, sealants can protect these vulnerable areas.

Dental sealant is a thin coating of resin painted on the chewing surfaces of back teeth (premolars and molars) to prevent tooth decay. Both primary and permanent teeth can benefit from sealants.

The application is a quick and completely painless process. The sealant quickly bonds into pits and grooves of the back teeth and forms a protective shield over the enamel. Sealants do not prevent cavities on all surfaces of the tooth. Proper brushing and flossing is still necessary to keep the teeth strong and healthy.

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