Restorative Dentistry

Dental Restorations for Children

Restorative Dentistry for Children in Artesia, CA - Kids Smile Pediatric DentistryRestorative dentistry includes treatments such as crowns, fillings, and more. These dental services can address several issues in pediatric patients. First, many restorative treatments help prevent the need for more extensive and invasive procedures. For example, a cavity that is caught early and receives a filling is less likely to result in extensive decay and pain than a cavity that goes untreated.

Next, restorative services can help stop pain and prevent future discomfort. We can treat even widespread decay. There is no reason for your child to endure dental pain when we offer a full range of restorative treatments.

Finally, pediatric restorative dentistry can help your child maintain a beautiful smile. For instance, our tooth-colored fillings are hardly visible, helping to give your child the self-confidence to show off their pearly whites.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Traditional fillings are made of silver amalgam. This material is durable but unsightly. If your child needs a filling in a conspicuous area, tooth-colored composite resin may be a better choice.

We can match the color of these fillings to the surrounding tooth for a natural appearance. A gray filling won’t blemish school photos. Instead, with a tooth-colored filling, your kid’s smile will still look great.

Facts About Dental Fillings

Stainless Steel Crowns

Children’s teeth – especially those hard-to-reach molars at the back of the mouth – are often prone to cavities. Stainless steel crowns can reinforce teeth that have already suffered decay and provide protection to prevent further trouble.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for pediatric crowns because it is a durable and long-lasting material. Additionally, stainless steel is a cost-effective option, and children generally have no problems tolerating the material.


You may have heard of a “baby root canal.” The technical term for this procedure is a pulpotomy. A pulpotomy is similar to an adult root canal, except only the pulp in the crown – the visible white part of the tooth – is removed. The pulp in the tooth roots is left in place.

When there is extensive decay, a pulpotomy can potentially save the tooth. Also, a pulpotomy will usually stop any associated toothache. Of course, we’re always careful to gently treat your child and keep them comfortable throughout the process.

SMART Treatment

Baby teeth are not expendable. Just because a tooth isn’t “permanent” doesn’t mean it’s not essential for jaw development, chewing, speech, and appearance. When baby teeth have experienced significant decay, SMART is an excellent way of preserving them.

SMART stands for silver modified atraumatic restorative technique. SMART is a minimally-invasive way of solving tooth decay in kids.

This approach uses silver diamine fluoride to stop cavity growth and prevent new decay. Then our dentists use a BPA-free dental material called glass ionomer to restore the tooth to be functional without removing any further tooth material. The procedure is quick and painless. It is an alternative solution for a young and apprehensive child. Parents may also consider this option when they wish to avoid or delay conventional treatment with numbing, drilling and sedation.

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